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July 2017
In this issue: IRS Advises on How to Know if It's Really IRS Knocking at the Door, New Electronic Payment Requirement for Some Individual Income Taxpayers, The #1 Way to Save More for Retirement—Gradual Increases

March 2017
In this issue: The Tax Season Extension Process, Tax Timeline, Tax Reform in the 115th Congress, IRS Forms 1099 Are Coming!

January 2017
In this issue: Client Organizers & Tax Deadlines, 2016 Post-Election Tax Update, Mileage Rates Decrease for 2017, Surprising Facts About Health Savings Accounts

November 2016
In this issue: Why an Estimated Tax Checkup May Be in Order, IRS Instructions on Identity Protection Personal Identification Numbers, Tips on Timing Payments Around the Close of the Year

July 2016
In this issue: Individual IRS Installment Agreement, Memo from VA Department of Taxation (Refunds May Be Delayed)

March 2016
In this issue: Tax Timeline, Maximizing Social Security Benefits, When Paying the IRS Send with Care and Details, Increased Wait Time for IRS Callers

January 2016
In this issue: Client Organizers, Deadlines, Tax Timeline, Poor Recordkeeping Hurts Taxpayers, Identity protection services provided to individuals affected by data breach aren't taxable

November 2015
In this issue: Preparing for Tax Season, Donating Your Car?, IRS, States, and Tax Industry provide Update on Collaboration to Fight Indentity Theft Refund Fraud, Recent Tax Law Changes, Portal App

July 2015
In this issue: Are You Running Your Business at Peak Efficiency?, Hire Your Children in Your Business, 529 Plan Changes?

March 2015
In this issue: Tax Timeline, IRS Fact Sheets Describe Ways to Combat Taxpayer Identity Theft, IRS Rules for Affordable Care Act Reporting in 2015

January 2015
In this issue: Visualizing Your Financial Independence, Individual Client Health Care, Filing Season Complications Loom, New Standard Mileage Rates

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BOSS is the answer to your back office headaches. Our cloud-based solution enables you to hand complex accounting tasks over to us. We work the numbers while providing you 24/7 access to your data—and all at a fixed, affordable monthly fee.

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  • Legal Firms

    Our firm specializes in serving the accounting, tax and financial management needs of law firms, lawyers, attorneys and all types of legal practices. We help legal firms streamline their tax and...

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    Our firm is committed to helping you achieve financial success within your healthcare practice. Our skilled professionals have years of experience in providing tax, accounting...

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  • Dentists

    We are committed to helping you achieve financial success within your dental practice. We understand the difficult balance of managing your practice and delivering high-quality patient care...

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  • Professional Service Providers

    We are committed to helping professional service providers build successful enterprises. Our skilled team of financial experts have years of experience in providing accounting...

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